Hello World

There is always a bit of awkwardness in a first interaction, so I will break the ice with an introduction.  My name is Phil.  I am 24, live in New York City, and work in finance which I was trained to do at the illustrious Stern school of business at NYU.  Beyond any formal training, finance, business, and the confluence of the two are subjects I’ve been interested in for quite some time now.

I recently built a site: www.wrestlingontv.com.  I was (and still am) a huge fan of amateur wrestling, but find it very hard to track when the world’s oldest (as in first sport in almost every culture known to man) and greatest sport will be on TV, or even streaming on the internet.  I’m guessing the same problem goes for a lot of fans of non revenue, tertiary sports.  So, I am trying to develop a scalable model to track all of the wonderful coverage that my sport deserves and make it easy for others to know when they can enjoy this coverage.

I started with close zero technical ability (unless you count building really long formulas in excel, or that one week in 8th grade I spent learning BASIC in the hills of Western Massachusetts).  Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to document some of the resources I used to learn a bit of PHP, Drupal, MySQL, etc.  Also, I have a much more ambitious and involved project which will hopefully develop over the next several weeks and months which will be a lot of fun to write about.

While I’m keeping the newer project a bit of a secret for now (something most VCs would probably frown upon and call me paranoid for), I think that a lot of what I’m learning about SEO, databases, etc will be worthwhile to post.

I also am excited to write about my thoughts on the economics behind everything from Night Life to Brooklyn Kickball.  Please stay tuned, and send me an email if you are so inclined.

  • Sahil

    Congrats phil, site looks nice. In googling your name I was disturbed to find you twitter, more disturbed you somehow warranted a following, and even more disturbed that I am not apart of this following.

  • Angel

    Interesting. Can’t wait to see what you end up posting!