PHP MySQL Workshop at Hive 55

This evening I attended the PHP MySQL workshop at Hive 55, which is one of the growing number of shared workspaces in New York City.  For the unfamiliar, shared workspaces are locations where people from many different walks of life choose to work for anywhere from 1 to 30 days per month.  It’s a great way to network, meet people with complimentary skill sets, and avoid the temptations inherent in working from home.  These types of initiatives will no doubt catalyze the growth in Silicon Alley that everyone keeps talking about.

Plus, they host cool events like tonight’s PHP/MySQL workshop which covered some of the tools used to build basic dynamic web pages.  Tonight’s lecture was given by Hans from  I think we were all a bit shy at first, but the discussion got very interactive and there was some great networking afterwards.  I was lucky enough to meet Ryan Clarke and Dave Tomback who shared some of the challenges they are currently facing in building their respective startups.  The underlying theme was that business people like us need a technologist co-founder, especially if you’re thinking of outsourcing development.  Easier said than done in NYC, but good advice nonetheless.

As far as PHP tutorials, I’d also like to recommend the PHP Academy page on Youtube.  These videos are short, sweet and very useful.  Alex is one of the very best developers that I’ve come across when it comes to being able to explain concepts in an easily understandable manner.  I was even more impressed to find out how young he is.

Also, if you’re wondering how I found out about tonight’s event – I receive the NYC Edition of the weekly Startup Digest.  If you live in NYC and have any interest in attending tech related meetups, job fairs, etc, I highly recommend signing up for this newsletter.  They have editions for about 25 other cities, so check them out.  Enjoy!

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    Have you read this NYMag article on the start-up scene in NYC?
    It’s not very technical and really Foursquare heavy (so tired of hearing about them), but still a nice read.