Why Blog

A few weeks ago, as I opened up Dan Primak’s Term Sheet newsletter, I found myself irrationally hoping to see a link to a blog post written by someone like me, two years older, and two years wiser.

I’m at a minor cross roads in my life. They first year of business school is almost done (second semester finals start tomorrow), and now my classmates are looking ahead to their summers – McKinsey, Goldman, General Management Programs, Startups, Hedge Funds, the whole gambit. And, while I think I have my head on straight (I stayed true to my orignal goal of finding a great role at a SF based growth stage startup, and luckily realized success in that search), I found myself stressed out the other day.

In my stress, I remembered back a few years ago, when I’d read the blogs of young VCs. At the time, I was desperately seeking a job in venture capital. And, with a dirth of mentors with VC experience, I turned to one sided conversations with virtual mentors. The conversations were incredibly helpful. They gave me strategies for success in gaining a job, insight into the VC world, and acted as a very powerful calming agent (I guess I like being in control and information is power).

I’ll admit, I started this blog for very selfish reasons. I wanted to write a bunch of stuff to show venture capital firms so that they wouldn’t just think of me as a finance guy who didn’t know the difference between VC and any other buy side job. But, I hope that as I continue to write, it’s actually useful to people. Maybe I can share some knowledge that someone a few years behind me can use, or some insight I’ve stolen from one of the great people I’ve gotten to work with that can help someone desperately googling for the mechanics of a convertible note, or a list of good blogs to read.

  • HTY

    Really excited to read someone a few years ahead of me! There are so many questions that I have are answered here!